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    About Paw Pals

    Paw Pals officially began caring for pets in Dubai in 2015, however the passion for animals started long before that. The company owner, Kate, has spent many years involved in animal rescues, saving abandoned animals, and caring for pets-in-need until they found their forever-homes. Her days were long but each night she came home to warm snuggles from her very own fur babies who were at times unhappy with her for being late. And that was the beginning of Paw Pals; when Kate realised that she was not alone, that there were many pet owners who loved their fur babies but had no support if they were not able to be there at feeding, exercise and cuddle time, or had no means to move their pet around the Emirate.

    Paw Pals distinguishes itself from other providers by offering a service that is:

    • Friendly
    • Caring
    • Reliable
    • Fully licensed by both DED and DM veterinary section

    " We offer a number of services and can tailor your service to meet your pet's needs, whether he is big or she is small, whether he purrs, barks, chirps, squeaks or splashes "

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