Dog Training

Our Training Services include:

Group Classes

During group class, you will teach your dog basic manners, commands, impulse control, and you will learn how to work together as a team in an environment with distractions. The group classes are 1 hour long and will take place weekly. The groups will consist of a maximum of 6 dogs. These classes will run from My Second Home Dubai (branch location to be confirmed for each package).

Private Training for 1hr, 1.5hrs or 5x5hour sessions

Are you experiencing certain behavioural difficulties with your dog, such as separation anxiety, soiling inside the house, reactivity, or anxiety? Or do you want to work on basic manners and commands, but our group class timings don’t fit your schedule? Our private training sessions are tailor-made to your needs and those of your dog. For our private training sessions, the trainer will come to your home, to work with you, your dog, and your family. Private training can be booked for 1 hour, 1,5 hour, or 5x 1 hour.


Make vet visits pleasant and stress-free for your dog. Many pets have a fear of going to the vet, which isn’t only unpleasant for them, but can also stand in the way of being able to give them the care they require. During our VETiquette sessions, your dog will be familiarised with all things vet. This includes the touching of sensitive body parts such as paws, ears, mouth, belly and tail, voluntary weighing, nail clipping, receiving injections, and more. We work together with veterinary clinics to provide these sessions. VETiquette starts as a block of 4 sessions, and after that top-ups can be added per session as required

Enrichment Sessions

Regular enrichment can help reduce anxiety, destructive behaviour, and depression in dogs. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining wellbeing, supports mental health, and helps dogs lead fulfilling lives. During our enrichment sessions, you will learn how you can improve your dog’s welfare by introducing games and activities that will stimulate their brain, let them develop problem-solving skills, and help boost their confidence. Enrichment sessions are a great way of working together with your dog in a fun and stimulating way, and strengthen the dog-owner bond.

Group Walks

Our group walks are a great way to experience new smells, sounds, sights, and meet unfamiliar dogs and people, in a semi controlled environment. With regular practise, and setting your dog up with successful experiences, you can help desensitize them to noise and distraction, and teach them to stay calm in crowded streets and new unfamiliar situations. Our group walks are supervised by our behaviourist.

Pet Dog Ambassador Program

Do you want your dog to be crowned a real dog Ambassador? The Pet Dog Ambassador Program is a credentialing program that consists of 5 training levels, where learning and growing together with your dog is the main focus. The levels build on each other, and complexity will increase when higher levels are attained. A small sample of things taught are recall, emergency stop, leave it, and car manners. The Pet Dog Ambassador Program is training within a fun environment, while being recognized for your efforts. This program is suitable for dogs 4 months old and up.

Responsible Dog Owners Course

For the Responsible Dog Owners Online course, you will get access to a Facebook learning group where you will find 12 units on different subjects regarding responsible dog ownership. This includes topics such as dog to dog interaction, body language, and dog etiquette in public spaces

Social Distance Kids Program

An online course tailored for children to learn how to get the best out of their four-legged friend.  Includes an initial Zoom call to start off the program, 7 videos over 21 days, and a wrap up Zoom call.

Zoom Video Calls

Are you not located in Dubai? We offer Zoom Video calls where all of your questions about your dog will be answered, and our trainer will create a tailored made plan for you and your dog’s needs.


* All training and handling methods used in our services are without the use of fear, force, or pain. This means that we do not use aversive tools such as slip leads, intimidation, threats, tactics that involve fear, or coercion, and work with positive reinforcement only.


Dog Training

Group Classes

– 1 session – 190 AED

– 5 sessions – 875 AED

– 10 sessions – 1650 AED


Private Dog Training Sessions

– 1 hour – 375 AED*

– 1h30 – 500 AED*

– 5 sessions of 1 hour – 1,700 AED*

*Distance surcharge for sessions out of Dubai

VETiquette – 199 AED (4 sessions); 49 AED per top up session

Enrichment session – 100 AED

Group Walk – 85 AED

Pet Dog Ambassador Program – 950 AED

Video call training sessions – from 150 AED

Responsible Dog Owners – 150 AED

Social Distance Kids Programme – 599 AED

Zoom calls – 30 mins – 150 AED; 1 hour 280 AED

dog care services
What is dog training?

Dog training is the process of teaching a dog skills and/or behaviours. Most people will be familiar with teaching the basic commands, but dog training is way more than that. Potty training, dog sports, assistance, detection and rescue work, just to name a few, are all behaviours and skills learned through dog training. Skills and behaviours can be learned through different training methods, with force free training being the most up-to-date and science-based training approach.

Why is dog training important?

Basic training will keep your dog safe and will teach them, and you, how to navigate and behave in all kinds of situations that might arise during daily life. Working together during training will strengthen the bond with your dog and provide mental and physical stimulation. When dog training is done right, it will raise the confidence of your dog. When a dog is expected to perform a certain job, dog training will be important as it will teach them the skills and behaviours needed to perform the task.

How long does it take to train a dog?

A lifetime, training your dog will and should never stop. How long does it take for a dog to learn a certain skill or behaviour? That will totally depend on what you want to teach them and the learning ability and personality of the dog you have.

What are some common dog obedience commands?

The most common dog commands are Sit, Stay, Down, Wait and Recall

Can any breed of dog be trained?

Any dog can be trained, though depending on the learning ability and personality of the dog, each training journey will differ.

Is it ever too late to train a dog?

It’s never too late to train a dog and even older dogs can learn new “tricks”. Ideally training should be a continuous process as this builds a great bond between dog and owner.

What are the 5 golden rules of dog training?

There aren’t really golden rules of dog training but it’s important to be consistent, reward your dog when they are behaving as you want and it’s imperative that you set your dog up for success – make sure that the goals you are setting are achievable.

What is the best method to train a dog?

The best and most up-to-date, science-based training approach is force free training. When using force free methods, you train without using pain, fear or force, and work with positive reinforcement. Force free training uses humane techniques to instill positive behavior.

How can I book your dog training service?

Dog training services can be requested through our Client Portal, or by contacting our team.

What is the client portal?

By registering an account at the client portal on our website you will be able to request and cancel dog training bookings, view your booking schedule, upload pet pictures and information, and pay invoices.

How can I pay?

Payments can be done:

  • Through the client portal
  • Through bank transfer, the payment details can be found in the invoice that will be sent after the booking is completed.
Does your staff receive training?

In order for us to continue to provide premium pet services, we ensure that our staff go through and receive regular training on a wide range of subjects pertaining to pet care.

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