Overnight Pet Care

In need of overnight care for your pet? We would love to help! 

Our overnight pet sit visits start at 8PM and last till 7AM. The service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Feeding and changing water
  • PM and AM walk for dogs
  • Loads of cuddles and play time
  • Enrichment activities 
  • Specialized care when required, like brushing the fur and/or teeth, administering medication, etc.

All our pet sitters are experienced in taking care of various types of animal such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, and marsupials. They love caring for pets, and will take care of your furry, scaly, or feathery family member like it’s their own. 

Is your pet very young, or already a senior? Our professional sitters are knowledgeable about the extra care they require at the different stages of their lives, and will make sure all their needs are met. 

Our sitters and walkers are trained in pet body language, and know how to interact with, and guide pets with a range of behavioural difficulties, like anxiety and leash reactivity, while ensuring that all our interactions with your pets are fear free.

Our service ensures that high standards of care and professionalism are continuously met and adhered to. During our consultation process, we will document your pet’s routine and ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met. After every overnight pet sit, you will receive a visit report which includes a description of the visit and pictures, to keep you up-to-date about your beloved family member.

By using our overnight pet sitting service, your pet can stay comfortable in their own environment and get the individual attention they deserve. Rest assured, your pet will be in safe hands, and will be cared for like family.

*All training and handling methods used in our services are without the use of fear, force, or pain. This means that we do not use aversive tools such as slip leads, intimidation, threats, tactics that involve fear, or coercion, and work with positive reinforcement only.

Overnight Pet Sitting


8pm to 7am (inclusive of pm and am walk) – AED 315 AED/ night


* All prices include VAT


overnight pet sitting
What is overnight pet care?

From 8pm until 7 am, one of our pet sitters will stay in your home and take care of your pet(s).

What are the benefits of overnight pet care?

By getting overnight pet care, your pet can stay in its own home, follow his or her usual routine, all while being cared for by a professional. This will make the overnight pet sitting experience as stress-free as possible for them.

Do Pet Sitters sleep in your bed?

The pet sitter will sleep in a designated suitable sleeping setup, whether that is your own bed or a guest bed. Any requests regarding where the sitter can, or can’t sleep, can be discussed while booking.

How long can I leave my pets for overnight pet care?

It will depend on the pet and their personality, but we have fur clients that are in our care for 3 to 4 weeks and are totally happy and OK with this. Depending on your pet you can make a visit schedule that would suit their needs. Some clients only go with daily visits, while others choose to combine daily visits with overnight pet care.

Can I schedule overnight pet care on short notice?

You can request overnight pet care on short notice, but the overnight pet sits are subject to availability, so it’s always advised to book in advance.

What are some common activities that overnight pet care providers do with pets?

Lounging and cuddling on the sofa, a good brush, making a lovely evening stroll, or playing a game of Monopoly with your pet, our sitters will stick to the routine your pet is used to so the experience will be as pleasant and stress-free for them as possible.

Can I request specific care for my pets during overnight pet care?

Yes, specific care can be requested. Our sitters can give your pet medication, brush their teeth and/or fur, or give them any other care they may require.

Do you charge extra for overnight pet sitting on holidays?

The following holidays have a surcharge of 50 AED: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. The amount goes in full to the sitter of your pet.

How can I book overnight pet care?

Overnight pet care can be requested through our Client Portal, or by contacting our team.

How can I pay for the overnight pet care services?

Payments can be done:

  • Through the client portal
  • Bank transfer. After booking you will receive an invoice with the payment details.
What is the client portal?

The client portal can be found on our website. By registering an account you will be able to upload your pet’s pictures and information, request and cancel bookings, view your booking schedule, and pay invoices.

        Paw Pals Relocation Request Form

        Cat Details

        Please enter your estimated travel date

        Dog Details

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        Travel Carrier

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        Pet Dimensions

        Please measure your pet in centimetres

        A Value = Length of the pet from the tip of nose to the root of the tail

        B Value = Height from the ground to the top of the leg or elbow joint

        C Value = Width across right and left shoulders

        D Value = Height of the pet in their natural standing position from the ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breeds (for a cat you might find it easier to measure the height whilst the cat is sitting with their head erect)

        Please note: We do advise that one of our specialists visits your home to measure your pet, as small differences in dimensions can have a significant impact on the cost.