Pet Sitting

Paw Pals offers a personalised pet sitting service, looking after all domestic pets from cats to fish, and everything in-between. 

The service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Feeding and changing water
  • Scooping litter
  • Play and cuddle time
  • Enrichment activities 
  • Specialised care when required, like brushing the fur and/or teeth, administering medication, etc.

All our pet sitters are experienced in taking care of various types of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, and marsupials. They love caring for pets, and will take care of your furry, scaly, or feathery family member like it’s their own. 

Is your pet very young, or already a senior? Our professional sitters are knowledgeable about the extra care they require at the different stages of their lives, and will make sure all their needs are met. 

Our sitters and walkers are trained in pet body language, and know how to interact with, and guide pets with a range of behavioural difficulties, like anxiety and leash reactivity, while ensuring that all our interactions with your pets are without the use of methods that would involve fear and/or pain.

Our service ensures that high standards of care and professionalism are continuously met and adhered to. During our consultation process, we will document your pet’s routine and ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met. After every visit, you will receive a visit report which includes a description of the visit and pictures, to keep you up-to-date about your beloved family member.

By using our pet sitting service, your pet can stay comfortable in their own environment and get the individual attention they deserve. Rest assured, your pet will be in safe hands, and will be cared for like family.

*All training and handling methods used in our services are without the use of fear, force, or pain. This means that we do not use aversive tools such as slip leads, intimidation, threats, tactics that involve fear, or coercion, and work with positive reinforcement only.

Pet Sitting

Standard visit (minimum 30 minutes) – AED 93
Long visit (minimum 60 mins) – 127 AED
Overnight Sit – 8pm to 7am (inclusive of pm and am walk) – AED 315 AED/ night                 

For multiple pets / species please send us an email for a quote.

Consultations are free of charge within office hours. We do appreciate that many of our potential clients work full-time, and can accommodate out-of-hour consultations on weekends, or weekdays after 5 pm. Out-of-hours consultations will come at a cost of 105 AED

Key Pickup/Dropoff – 57.75 AED
For options without cost see the FAQ below “How can I get the house key to the pet sitter”.

Meet the Sitter – Cost and length of a standard visit.

Cat Sitting Packages

1 sit is only AED 93

14 sits for only AED 1,225 (save 5%)

30 sits for only aed 2,550 (save 8%)

60 sits for only AED 4,990 (save 10%)

*All prices are inclusive of VAT


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What is pet sitting?

The short answer, looking after someone’s pet (in their own home) and providing them with their daily care when the owner can’t. But did you know that a professional pet sitter does way more than that?

What does a professional pet sitter provide?

A professional pet sitter will have knowledge about a wide array of different animals, their specific needs, and common medical situations. Besides providing your pet with their basic care, they will be able to spot problems in a timely manner. Professional sitters are experienced in taking care of pets with behavioral difficulties, will be able to read their body language and put this knowledge and experience to use when interacting with your pet, making the experience as pleasant and stress-free for them as possible.

What types of pets can a pet sitter take care of?

The general answer to this question, it will depend on the pet sitter. At Paw Pals, we look after any pet, and all our sitters are experienced in taking care of different types of animals.

I need a pet sitter for just one day, is this possible?

Single visits are possible. We can also visit your pet more times during that day if needed. A consultation prior to the pet sit will be required for new clients.

Do pets remember sitters?

Yes, they do. Which is also one of the most rewarding parts of being a pet sitter. At Paw Pals we strive to build connections with the pets we care for through trust and respect, and it’s extremely rewarding if overtime fearful pets open up to our sitters. But even if they don’t, having the same sitters visit a pet will reduce their stress as they will become a familiar face.

What should I expect from a pet sitting service?

That the pet sitters are experienced, knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy. That all interactions with your pets are force, fear and pain free while providing them with the basic daily care like feeding, affection, play, enrichment and exercise.

I’m traveling for 2 weeks, can you come and take care of my cat every 3 days?

No, when pets are in our care when owners are away for extended periods we do require a minimum amount of daily visits. For cats, rabbits, critters, reptiles and marsupials, the minimum number of visits is once per day. For dogs and kittens this is twice per day. We require these minimum number of visits per day to ensure that any health, or other issues, will be noted sooner rather than later and can be dealt with in a timely manner.

My dog is really anxious, can you take care of her while I’m away?

Yes we can, all our sitters and walkers are experienced in reading dog body language and handling pets with all types of behaviour. While caring for your pet they will ensure that all their interactions are force free, fear free and pain free. We can arrange a meet-and-greet with the sitter and/or walker for an introduction. As the sitter/walker has to drive to your location and time will be booked on their schedule for the visit, the cost of a meet-and-greet is that of a standard visit.

How much does pet sitting cost?

Standard visit (minimum 30 minutes) – AED 93

Long visit (minimum 60 mins) – 127 AED

For multiple pets / species please send us an email for a quote.

How can I prepare my pet for a pet sitting service?

Some pets will be totally fine with being visited by a sitter without any introduction, and for others this might be too stressful. Depending on your pet, you can consider doing a meet-and-greet with the pet sitter whilst still being there, so your pet will have the opportunity to get to know the sitter, with the comfort of you there. In the end you will know your pet best, and what would be the most suitable for them. As the sitter has to drive to your location and time will be booked on their schedule for the visit, the cost of a meet-and-greet is that of a standard visit.

How can I get the house key to the pet sitter?

There are several options. A lockbox on the outside of the house/apartment. If a concierge or reception is available, keys can be left there for the pet sitter to take. Another option is to leave a door unlocked with the keys inside. The sitter can lock the door after each visit, and leave the keys inside with the door unlocked on the last visit. Keys can also be hidden around the house for the sitter to take at the first visit. Depending on your preference, we can return the key to the same spot after the last visit, or keep it for future visits. If neither of the above are possible, or when preferred, we can also arrange a key pickup and/or key dropoff which costs 57.75AED

My friend can look after my pet for a few days, can you share the care on the days he can’t?

It’s company policy to not share care with third parties. If anything goes wrong while a pet is in shared care, it’s impossible to determine the responsible party.

Can my cleaner come clean when you're looking after my pet?

Yes, that’s not an issue. Please let us know if there are any specific instructions for letting the cleaner in, like leaving a door unlocked.

Can my cat go outside or on the balcony while in your care?

It’s company policy that we do not allow cats outdoor access. Balcony and garden access can be provided during the visit and only if the balcony/garden is fully secured.

My pet eats a raw diet, is that a problem for the sitter?

Not at all, our sitters are comfortable feeding a raw diet if requested.

I see you offer packages, how long are they valid?

None of our packages have an expiration date, nor do all visits have to be used or booked all at once.

Do you charge extra on holidays?

For Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day there is a surcharge of 50 AED, which goes, in full to the sitter of your pet.

How can I book a pet sit?

Pet sit bookings can be requested through our Client Portal, or by contacting our team.

How can I pay for the pet sitting services?

Payments can be done:

  • On the client portal
  • Through bank transfer, the payment details can be found in the invoice that will be sent after the booking is made.
What is the client portal?

By registering an account on the client portal on our website, you will be able to request and cancel bookings, view your booking schedule, upload pet pictures and information, and pay invoices.

Will it be the same sitter during all visits?

We always try to make as little adjustments as possible when it comes to the sitter that will visit your pet whilst they are in our care. During the weekend, pet sits are covered by our weekend staff. Proper handovers are done to ensure your pet will get the care they require. When staff is taking a day(s) off, have annual leave, or are sick, your pet will also have a different caretaker. We understand that for some pets a change of caretaker might be stressful and introductions will be done if required.

Why is a consultation for new clients required?

We do a consultation with any new client before taking a booking. This way we can get to know your pet(s) and their routine, so we can provide them with the care they need and deserve. Consultations are free of charge within office hours. We do appreciate that many of our potential clients work full-time, and can accommodate out-of-hour consultations on weekends, or weekdays after 5 pm. Out-of-hours consultations will come at a cost of 105 AED.

        Paw Pals Relocation Request Form

        Cat Details

        Please enter your estimated travel date

        Dog Details

        Please enter your estimated travel date

        Travel Carrier

        Please enter the size of your Travel Carrier in centimetres

        Pet Dimensions

        Please measure your pet in centimetres

        A Value = Length of the pet from the tip of nose to the root of the tail

        B Value = Height from the ground to the top of the leg or elbow joint

        C Value = Width across right and left shoulders

        D Value = Height of the pet in their natural standing position from the ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breeds (for a cat you might find it easier to measure the height whilst the cat is sitting with their head erect)

        Please note: We do advise that one of our specialists visits your home to measure your pet, as small differences in dimensions can have a significant impact on the cost.