Pet Sitting

Standard visit (minimum 30 minutes) – 84 AED

Long visit (minimum 60 mins) – 116.50 AED

For multiple pets / species please send us an email for a quote.

Overnight Sit
9pm to 7am (inclusive of pm and am walk) – 262.50 AED/ night


Dog Walking

Pit Stop (20 mins) – 63 AED

Walk/Play (45 mins) – 78.75 AED

Walk/Play (60 mins) – 105 AED

Monthly Walk/Play (45 mins Sun to Thurs) – 1,575 AED

Overnight Sit (9am – 7am inclusive of PM and AM walk) – 262.50 AED

Dog Training

Group Classes Membership – 1,300 AED

1hour sessions 375 AED*

1h30 session 500 AED*

5 sessions of 1 hour – 1,700 AED*

Enrichment session 100 AED

Video call training sessions – from 150 AED

*Distance surcharge for sessions out of Dubai

Pet Relocations

To find out more about the pet relocation rates, please use the button below

Paw Pals Relocation Request Form

Cat Details

Please enter your estimated travel date

Dog Details

Please enter your estimated travel date

Travel Carrier

Please enter the size of your Travel Carrier in centimetres

Pet Dimensions

Please measure your pet in centimetres

A Value = Length of the pet from the tip of nose to the root of the tail

B Value = Height from the ground to the top of the leg or elbow joint

C Value = Width across right and left shoulders

D Value = Height of the pet in their natural standing position from the ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breeds (for a cat you might find it easier to measure the height whilst the cat is sitting with their head erect)

Please note: We do advise that one of our specialists visits your home to measure your pet, as small differences in dimensions can have a significant impact on the cost.